LOOP Beijing is an audio-visual installation piece and user-generated radio for Beijing Public Buses.

LOOP Beijing uses the existing infrastructure of public bus transit as a significant space in daily urban life, broadening it into a nomadic venue for interactive audio-visual installation and exchange.

Along public bus routes a passenger streams an audio pieces made in response to the atmospheric journey of that specific bus route. A public bus ride becomes a temporal gallery, a theater and a personal tour.

Progress in an effort to document the 999 public bus routes in Beijing can be seen here

LOOP transforms the experience of public transit into a shared, cinematic point of exchange.

Contributors to LOOP BEIJING include local artists Xiao Hong Yu Xiao Xiao Hong (小红与小小红), Earsnail, Zhang Shouwang; and international artists Alpine Decline, Parallel Pyres, and Peter Cusack. A compilation of audio recordings made for LOOP are available for download here


LOOP BEIJING/回北京 is a collaboration with Xiaowei Wang and Ian Pearce. The project debuted at the 2014 Beijing Design Week

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